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Story Factory New Creative Writing Project helping Disadvantaged Communities

Sheargold Foundation is excited to contribute $20,000 towards Story Factory new and exciting creative writing and storytelling project.
This project is aimed at supporting children living in disadvantaged communities in Western Sydney. Children will explore themes such as community, camaraderie, displacement, environmental change, migration and the challenges of new adventures. These short stories will then be professionally published and shared with the community.
Thanks Story Factory for all the great work you do

‘Classroom Canine Program’ assisting children to improve literacy skill

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Delta Therapy Dogs, an organisation we are very proud to have partnered with for the last 5 Year. This year Sheargold Foundation has granted $20,000 towards the 'Classroom Canine Program'.
Classroom Canines is a program aimed at supporting children who are experiencing difficulties with reading and writing.

Using specially trained volunteers and their attentive, loyal and non-judgmental dogs, Classroom Canines is a unique reading program with a focus on assisting children to improve literacy skills.

Volunteers and their dogs visit allocated school weekly, they can work individually with one child or in a group setting. The dog provides a non-judgmental acceptance of the student and help them to feel more engaged and excited to be a part of the reading program.

KidsXpress, Expressive Therapy Program - Helping our younger generation

Sheargold Foundation has contributed a $15,000 grant towards KidsXpress, Expressive Therapy programs. We look forward to working with an incredible organisation who play a vital role in our community helping our younger generations through their Therapy programs